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Ever wondered if there was an easy way to tell if someone you think might have blocked you on AOL instant messenger, yahoo messenger, msn messenger, ICQ, or Skype really is, blocking you? Now there is. With technology employed by you can quickly find out if your ex-best friend, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, or the girl/boy you were trying to hit on has had enough and blocked you. Fill out the form at the top and in a few seconds you'll know. Also, if you just want to know if someone is online without signing on fill out the form and leave the do they appear online part blank. If you have any random questions be sure to check out our FAQ.

Blocked/Not Blocked Stats

Here is a current up to date pie graph of people who've been blocked versus people who haven't been blocked.

Blocked (57.98%)
Not Blocked (42.02%)

Free Status Indicator For Your Site/Profile

AmIBlocked is providing an easy way for you to put your online status on your website, MySpace profile, or even forums signature. All you have to is type in your screenname and select which messenger service you are on and it'll provide you with code for an image that will display your status.

(include full msn email address)

Link To Us In Your Profile or on MySpace!

If you like the service AmIBlocked provides and would like to tell your friends we've made it easy by providing code you can simply copy and paste into your instant messenger profile or onto your myspace profile. The first block of code has a description of the site. The second is just a simple link. You can use either. Just copy and past the code in gray below and you'll be good to go.

<a href=">AmIBlocked</a> - Find out if you've been blocked on instant messenger!

<a href=">AmIBlocked</a>

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