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<Block Checking Questions>

What does an unknown status mean?

If you get an unknown status "error" it means that AmIBlocked could not determine whether the person was online or not. This could be caused by anything from Webaware settings on certain IM clients to the server we're using to determine online/offline status could be offline.

What makes MSN users appear offline?

In the privacy option "Only people on my contact list can see my status and send me messages" on the privacy tabbed is checked then an MSN user's status will always appear offline since the "bot" is definitely not on that person's buddy list. Definitely a bummer. Note: The same can happen in aim because the same option exists.

Is the system 100% accurate?

No, but its pretty close. If you get a message that someone is online we're 100% sure they're online. On the other hand, an offline message could mean that the person is online but invisible or has their privacy settings setup so we can't determine if the person is online or offline.

What if someone has me blocked?

You could get another screenname and confront him/her; or you could just take a hint and leave them be.

Can this system tell me if an AIM buddy is invisible?

No. We're working on it though. They will appear offline if they are invisible.

How does AmIBlocked work?

By taking your input and comparing it to what our system returns for your buddies status we can decide if they're blocked or not. If you want to know how we figure out if someone is online though... you're outta luck.

Do you keep track of screennames?

No. We don't keep track of anything. So have fun.

Why does Skype just say online or offline?

Good of you to notice that we can tell the exact status of someone on Skype. However, for the block checking all we cared about is if the person was online or offline so that is all we show you. If you want to see their exact status type their screenname into the Status Indicator.

<Status Indicator Questions>

My MSN status isn't accurate, how can I fix it?

Check your Privacy settings. Make sure All other users is in your Allow list.

My Yahoo messenger status isn't accurate, how can I fix it?

Edit your Yahoo profile and uncheck Check the box to hide my online status from other users.

My AOL Instant Messenger status isn't accurate, how can I fix it?

Set your privacy setting to Allow all users to contact me.

My ICQ status isn't accurate, how can I fix it?

Enable your Web Aware setting in preferences. If necessary, check that you are not hiding your IP address in preferences.

Do I have to pay to use the status indicator?

No, the status indicator is free now and forever. Please keep the entire code intact including the link to AmIBlocked. If you remove the link from the image please link elsewhere on your site and give us credit.

What's up with the question mark image?

The question mark means your status is unknown. There are many reasons this could be happening. Please read the questions above about different messengers' status being inaccurate. If that doesn't help please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you keep track of screennames?

No, we don't track anything. Each time your image is loaded the request is sent to the server and it loads your image.

What if I don't want people to know if I'm online or not?

Don't put the status indicator on your website.

What images are available for Skype?

We have more advanced status checking in use for people using Skype. For your status indicators the following images can appear: unknown (question mark), offline, online, away, not available, do not disturb, invisible, and Skype me. When you install the status indicator you could see any of those images.

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